Call for Volunteers!


As part of the team for Inmoov Robots for Good we are making a call out for volunteers to participate in our launch of the project in Somerset House hosted from June 5- July 19 2015.

The InMoov Robots for Good project will allow children in hospital to visit the London Zoo from their room using virtual reality. Our ultimate aim is to provide an open access human size 3D-Printed robot/ avatar for hospitalised children and adults to visit locations outside the hospital or to join in family activities. The interface will allow for a fully immersive experience of the robots’s environment, as it is remotely controlled by the patient from their hospital bed or room. All the files and blueprints for this project are free for anybody to download and build upon.  The project is a global collaboration of designers, engineers, hackers and makers world-wide.

The volunteers will be helping out with hosting visitors into the room on the ground floor of Somerset House where project will be exhibited and assembled from June 5- July 19 2015. We need your help with being in the room, welcoming visitors and explaining about the project, but most excitingly you will also have a chance in taking part in the live building, assembly and design of the Inmoov Robot itself using exciting technologies such as 3D printing, Virtual Reality and Robotics. We can be flexible on how much time you are able to commit.

If you are interested in helping us out in a truly exciting global project that has drawn the interest from hackspaces & maker fares around the world, Microsoft, London Zoo, the Great Ormond Street Hospital School and hospitals in New York, Canada and Amsterdam and many more please contact us on:

Your help and participation will be truly valuable to our efforts!

Robots for good update #april

Time for a new Inmoov Robots for Good Update! Last weeks Paul and Claudio from 2052 Props have been busy 3D-printing more parts of the torso and Nassia and Terry are testing the Oculus Rift connection so we have something to show Gael Langevin (creator of Inmoov) and the Inmoov community when we go to the Paris Makerfaire next week.

Nassia testing the Oculus Rift

We also had our first talks with the good people of Made at Somerset house to see if we can create a public space in the building so anybody living or visiting London can see the work in progress!

More to come in the next few weeks with of course also an update on the Paris Makerfaire!

Robots for Good update

A quick update from the InMoov Robots for Good team at Makerversity to let you know we are making progress and cool stuff is happening! Here goes:

  • We met most of the people involved at the Wevo Summit
  • Lots of 3D printing and assembling by Claudio, Nassia and Paul
  • Terry and Nassia start tests with the Oculus Rift
  • Talks in the Netherlands of getting project of the ground
  • Visit GOSH and BARTS hospital
  • Check in at London Zoo

Beginning of March we met most people here at our office in Makerversity, London that are involved in the Robots for Good project and it was great for everyone to now have a face with the name! The fact that Gael Langevin (creator of the Inmoov robot) came all the way from Paris to meet everyone made it extra special!

Last weeks Paul and Claudio from 2052 Props have been 3D printing non-stop. Ultimaker has provided us with 2 extra 3D printers so things are really going fast! The material that Faberdashery provided us with looks really good, it’s strong and the transparent yellow color looks awesome. We now also have all the electronics for the head and hand so we can fully assemble it.

Terrence Broad joined the project. Terrence experiments a lot with virtual reality and he will focus on that part so that the kids will have the ultimate VR experience. He, Nassia Inglessis and Kevin Watters will focus on this part next few weeks.

Last week we also went to the Netherlands to talk with Ground3d (a Dutch 3D printing platform) and Willemijn Land to see the possibilities of bringing the Inmoov Explorer to Holland. They are doing a big launch in May of their new networking software and would like to combine it with the Inmoov project. They collaborate with one of the biggest marketing and PR agency in the Netherlands so it could bring the project a lot of attention.

We will visit the GOSH hospital with Edward Green, who is our contact there, to meet the team and see the possibilities, also regarding the school they have in the hospital. It would be great if the kids in the hospital could build parts of the robot themselves.

Lastly we will visit the London Zoo in the next few weeks. We need to find out how the animals react to a moving robot. We will bring parts of the Inmoov like the head and see the responses of different animals. Let’s all hope the monkeys like us!

That’s it for now, well be back shortly with another update! Thanks again for being involved in this and if you have any feedback or feel you can contribute, please contact us!

Team RfG!

Gael Langevin visits Robots for Good

Last week during the Wevolver Summit we had a visit at our office in Makerversity, London from Gael Langevin who came all the way from Paris to talk about his project. Gael is the creator of Inmoov, the open source robot on which the Inmoov Robots for Good project is based.

It was great to catch up with Gael and talk about his work and update on the hands of the Inmoov robot. He made the hands stronger and more compact.

Update on the Project!

Here we go!
Our first update on the Robots for Good project since we launched the idea and website. It has been a crazy month. Since the launch of the website so much has happened that i don’t even know where to begin.

The most amazing part of the project is probably all the great people that are willing to help out. We had a few cool blogposts on, Microsoft and and that really got things going! A big group of people offered to help out and collaborate on Robots for Good, and that is just what we are looking for!

A short summary of the people who are closely involved at the moment
Nassia Inglessis joined the project about two weeks ago. She’s a highly skilled engineer and she’ll be focusing on the more technical parts like connecting Inmoov to the open source Segway and making sure the wireless connections run correct. Also a big part of her work will be managing and making sure the project runs smoothly.

Julie Dawson runs tech summer camps for children in the UK  and will be focusing on getting the project into schools where the students will build the robot and learn about complex yet very cool technology. She will be collaborating on this with Daniel from Ultimaker and their Create Education program.

Kevin Watters lives in the USA and is an expert when it comes to connecting the Inmoov robot to the Oculus Rift so that the kids can look through the robots eyes. Kevin was actually one of the people that inspired us to do the project. He build an entire Inmoov robot already in his home and was experimenting with connecting it to virtual reality when we met him at the Makerfaire in New York

The guys from 2052, Paul Sohi and Claudio Noble are real 3D Printing alchemists, taking 3D printing to the next level. Based in Makerversity in London it’s a real pleasure to see their work and the crazy experiments they are doing. These guys are building the Inmoov prototype from the ground up and are working hard to get the first Inmoov Explorer into reality.

Gael Langevin, the brain and creator of Inmoov is making sure that we meet the right people and supports us in giving his feedback and advice on the project. We’re super excited to start working more with him!

What else?
Since the blogposts we got in touch with some super cool people in The Netherlands, the US and Brazil to start the project there too. We’re now looking how to set this up with them. It would be great to see Inmoov being born all over the world!

One of the biggest neuroscience research centers of Europe want to connect a full research on the project to see what impact it will have on hospitalized people. Vic Arulchandran and Avtar Sehra from Arcatomia are helping us out with this.

We’re trying to set up an open expo in Somerset House, London where we will build the prototype so you can just walk in and see the 3D printers print the parts and our volunteers build the robot.

Just really awesome!
The Zoological Society of London want to explore the possibilities of building a solar powered Inmoov to drive around in their wildlife parks in Africa to check the borders.

As you can see, there is come great and cool stuff happening, if you think you can contribute to this project please contact me at richard [at] We can’t wait to see the first open source robots riding around, but we can only do this if a large community helps us with this!

Lastly, we can’t forget to thank great companies like Faberdashery for their support of materials and Ultimaker who are supporting us with a small army of 3D Printers.

Until the next post, keep building robots!

Richard from Wevolver!


Everyday we meet new amazing people wanting to contribute to the robots for good project. We welcome anybody to help us create amazing robots.