27th January 2015 Richie

Update on the Project!

Here we go!
Our first update on the Robots for Good project since we launched the idea and website. It has been a crazy month. Since the launch of the website so much has happened that i don’t even know where to begin.

The most amazing part of the project is probably all the great people that are willing to help out. We had a few cool blogposts on 3Dprint.com, Microsoft and 3Ders.org and that really got things going! A big group of people offered to help out and collaborate on Robots for Good, and that is just what we are looking for!

A short summary of the people who are closely involved at the moment
Nassia Inglessis joined the project about two weeks ago. She’s a highly skilled engineer and she’ll be focusing on the more technical parts like connecting Inmoov to the open source Segway and making sure the wireless connections run correct. Also a big part of her work will be managing and making sure the project runs smoothly.

Julie Dawson runs tech summer camps for children in the UK  and will be focusing on getting the project into schools where the students will build the robot and learn about complex yet very cool technology. She will be collaborating on this with Daniel from Ultimaker and their Create Education program.

Kevin Watters lives in the USA and is an expert when it comes to connecting the Inmoov robot to the Oculus Rift so that the kids can look through the robots eyes. Kevin was actually one of the people that inspired us to do the project. He build an entire Inmoov robot already in his home and was experimenting with connecting it to virtual reality when we met him at the Makerfaire in New York

The guys from 2052, Paul Sohi and Claudio Noble are real 3D Printing alchemists, taking 3D printing to the next level. Based in Makerversity in London it’s a real pleasure to see their work and the crazy experiments they are doing. These guys are building the Inmoov prototype from the ground up and are working hard to get the first Inmoov Explorer into reality.

Gael Langevin, the brain and creator of Inmoov is making sure that we meet the right people and supports us in giving his feedback and advice on the project. We’re super excited to start working more with him!

What else?
Since the blogposts we got in touch with some super cool people in The Netherlands, the US and Brazil to start the project there too. We’re now looking how to set this up with them. It would be great to see Inmoov being born all over the world!

One of the biggest neuroscience research centers of Europe want to connect a full research on the project to see what impact it will have on hospitalized people. Vic Arulchandran and Avtar Sehra from Arcatomia are helping us out with this.

We’re trying to set up an open expo in Somerset House, London where we will build the prototype so you can just walk in and see the 3D printers print the parts and our volunteers build the robot.

Just really awesome!
The Zoological Society of London want to explore the possibilities of building a solar powered Inmoov to drive around in their wildlife parks in Africa to check the borders.

As you can see, there is come great and cool stuff happening, if you think you can contribute to this project please contact me at richard [at] wevolver.com We can’t wait to see the first open source robots riding around, but we can only do this if a large community helps us with this!

Lastly, we can’t forget to thank great companies like Faberdashery for their support of materials and Ultimaker who are supporting us with a small army of 3D Printers.

Until the next post, keep building robots!

Richard from Wevolver!

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