16th March 2015 Richie

Robots for Good update

A quick update from the InMoov Robots for Good team at Makerversity to let you know we are making progress and cool stuff is happening! Here goes:

  • We met most of the people involved at the Wevo Summit
  • Lots of 3D printing and assembling by Claudio, Nassia and Paul
  • Terry and Nassia start tests with the Oculus Rift
  • Talks in the Netherlands of getting project of the ground
  • Visit GOSH and BARTS hospital
  • Check in at London Zoo

Beginning of March we met most people here at our office in Makerversity, London that are involved in the Robots for Good project and it was great for everyone to now have a face with the name! The fact that Gael Langevin (creator of the Inmoov robot) came all the way from Paris to meet everyone made it extra special!

Last weeks Paul and Claudio from 2052 Props have been 3D printing non-stop. Ultimaker has provided us with 2 extra 3D printers so things are really going fast! The material that Faberdashery provided us with looks really good, it’s strong and the transparent yellow color looks awesome. We now also have all the electronics for the head and hand so we can fully assemble it.

Terrence Broad joined the project. Terrence experiments a lot with virtual reality and he will focus on that part so that the kids will have the ultimate VR experience. He, Nassia Inglessis and Kevin Watters will focus on this part next few weeks.

Last week we also went to the Netherlands to talk with Ground3d (a Dutch 3D printing platform) and Willemijn Land to see the possibilities of bringing the Inmoov Explorer to Holland. They are doing a big launch in May of their new networking software and would like to combine it with the Inmoov project. They collaborate with one of the biggest marketing and PR agency in the Netherlands so it could bring the project a lot of attention.

We will visit the GOSH hospital with Edward Green, who is our contact there, to meet the team and see the possibilities, also regarding the school they have in the hospital. It would be great if the kids in the hospital could build parts of the robot themselves.

Lastly we will visit the London Zoo in the next few weeks. We need to find out how the animals react to a moving robot. We will bring parts of the Inmoov like the head and see the responses of different animals. Let’s all hope the monkeys like us!

That’s it for now, well be back shortly with another update! Thanks again for being involved in this and if you have any feedback or feel you can contribute, please contact us!

Team RfG!