The mission is to give hospitalized children superpowers

What is the project about?

The Inmoov Robots for Good is a full size 3D Printed robot that will allow children to explore the world from their room. By combining state of the art technologies we allow users to experience and interact with the world from their home.

The robot will be build in schools by children who will be working together with local makers and makerspaces. It gives them the chance to work on highly sophisticated but most of all inspiring technologies .

When the robot is finished it will go to a Children’s Hospital where the hospitalized children will be able to explore the outside world by using the robots body as their own. The robot will be set of to visit a location where they will be able  to touch, talk and listen to people as if they were really there.


How does it work?

We do this by connecting virtual reality to the humanoid 3D Printed Inmoov robot by Gael Langevin with the Segway inspired Open Wheels project by Boris Landoni that can explore the streets and interact with people. The child can control the robot from their room and see and experience the world through the robots eyes using virtual reality glasses.

The technologies used are all available online and the blueprints and files are free to download, use and build upon.

The goal is to have a full working robot in twelve months time.

Check out the entire project on Wevolver right here.

Video: The creator of Inmoov is Gael Langevin. From his workshop in Paris he came up with the design and build the Inmoov from the ground up.


Why is this important

First of all, it’s important because it will make thousands of hospitalized children from all over the world explore the globe from their beds. The more robots that are being build, the more the kids can explore.


Secondly, most parts of this robot are Open Source. This means no company or organisation controls this project. All the files and blueprints are free for anybody to use and modify. This is revolutionary and will change the way the project will evolve. The more people will start working on the project the more advanced the robot will become and there is nobody to stop it or patent it.

The fact that it’s open source will make the project accessible and affordable to a huge audience.

We can’t wait to start. Join us on our journey!


Everyday we meet new amazing people wanting to contribute to the robots for good project. We welcome anybody to help us create amazing robots.