The great thing about the Inmoov project is anybody can start building the robot. All you need is access to a 3D Printer, own an Arduino board and some servo’s and you’re set to go! You can choose to start building this robot for yourself to learn about technology in a fun way or maybe you’ll choose to build it for someone you think could use one.  It’s all up to you. Just visit the project on Wevolver and download all the files and start building. Most people start of with the hand and work there way up from there.



If you don’t own a 3D Printer or find it hard to start by yourself, find a makerspace in your area and see if there are people that want to help. You can also check out the network of the Inmoov Robots for Good project and see if there are people or spaces working on the project you might know! So what are you waiting for, don’t wait any longer and start building!

Makerspace, Fablab or School?
The Inmoov Robots for Good is a great way to get people excited about technology. We’ve set up a plan to get your community involved, reach a broad new audience and get local publicity for your organisation.

One of the goals of the Inmoov Robots for Good is to get people interested in technology and start using their skills and knowledge to make the world just a bit better. To reach this goal we invite anybody to start working on the project. One way to get involved is to just start building the robot. But this is not always as easy as it sounds. Lack of skills or machinery could prevent people to start working on the project.
That’s why we encourage makerspaces to get actively involved in the project. It’s a cool way to get your current members more excited and engaged and a great way to get new members in your community.
One of the things we advice makerspaces to do is to start Inmoov Robots for Good Workshops. In these workshops people learn how to build the robot project. The workshops can be perfectly stripped to sessions like;


  • 3d printing workshop
  • Arduino workshop
  • Assembly workshop
  • Coding workshop.
The costs of the workshops should be able to cover the costs for the materials of the Inmoov project and at the end you have a fully working Inmoov Robots for Good that you could donate to a local hospital. This will create a tremendous opportunity for your makerspace to get local publicity and it’s a great way to show the local community what you’re about!


Poster for workshops
You can click on the poster and print it to promote the workshops in your local community




Everyday we meet new amazing people wanting to contribute to the robots for good project. We welcome anybody to help us create amazing robots.