The Inmoov Robots for Good project is build up from two projects, the Inmoov robot and the OpenWheels project. To download all the files and blueprints you can just go to the project page on Wevolver and download them. You can also follow the project there to get all the latest updates.

Help needed
Are you a designer, engineer or software developer and would like to get involved in the project?

Before the Inmoov Robots for Good is up and running there still needs a lot to be done! Right now the Inmoov Robots for Good team is working on the first prototype but many things are still under heavy development. Here is a short list of urgent matters:

If you think you can contribute to any of these matters please contact us at info [@]






Everyday we meet new amazing people wanting to contribute to the robots for good project. We welcome anybody to help us create amazing robots.